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"Ryan Hugh Ross has a voice you won't soon forget.

When he performs, you look, listen, and are immediately

struck by the depth, the resonance, and ask yourself

'How does that sound come out of that body?' "

-- Jim Tate. SMSU Focus Magazine Fall '16 Edition. p.8-9. 11/30/16

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"...Carmen was also on the bill with that

best-known of all baritone arias, the toreador

Escamillo’’s arrogant toast to himself, in a swaggering performance

by Ryan Hugh Ross that brought his listeners to their feet.

Like Chiara Giudice, Iowa-born Ross is the scion of a rural small town

who was smitten with classical music as a teenager,

and set out on the long and arduous road to

an exceedingly cosmopolitan profession." -

- Frank Viviano. Barga News. 9/05/14

"...As her sometime lover Marcello, a down-and-out painter

who hides a soft heart behind a witty cynical facade,

the American baritone Ryan Hugh Ross provided

the evening’s most subtle acting and vocal interpretation."

-- Frank Viviano. Barga News. 9/07/14

"...Ryan Hugh Ross was formidable in addressing the baritone’s ambiguous dilemma,

a voice that embodies male power but is often assigned to second rather than

lead roles. A tenor can get away with just belting out a wonderful song.

A good baritone has to do far more, as a master of stagecraft as well as a singer,

and Ross is a very fine baritone indeed. He left no doubt about that in his Papageno

from Mozart’s “Magic Flute” and as the love-struck Porgy in

George Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess.”

--Frank Viviano.Barga News. 9/14/14

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